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hey! this is a house themed server which focuses on anime, kpop, gaming and study. we're all very friendly and non-toxic and do movie nights routinely. since it's a new server it won't be too overwhelming and it's a good opportunity if you want to be MODs

A community server for everyone!

anime server for those who enjoy anime or games or just want to chill

Moroccan Gaming Community .

We have a free fantasy sports/sports group at discord, where we can recruit for or seek free fantasy leagues in any sport. many entertaining channels, for sports, music, and entertainment, a virtual pub!

Valorant EU community for Valorant players that play on the EU region

Emotes, friends, and games! Let’s have fun

Hello, we are friendly community that is mainly based on the Art and Designs, so if you are an Artist or the Designer, hop in! Fun just started and it's not cool without you :) Share your work here and we will tell you what do we think of it!

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we are a small server for people to chat and make friends

what are we? - a conspiracy and general political server that also serves as a lounge for chatting what can I expect? - debates, conspiracies and memes We have a large number of roles that can be applied to users that wish for it. Flat earther role?

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We are helping E-Girls getting bigger.

System Fantasy is a DID/OSDD and LGBT+ safe space with our own fantasy modded bedrock Minecraft server. Everyone 13+ is welcome to join this non toxic community to have fun and game with us.

Free call of duty lobbies hosted by us for every one for free join now come have fun

This server is a small growing community made to fill your needs some people may say focus on 1 thing not us! we want every community here to coexist for now there are seperate channels for everyone so they can grow acustom and meet more of the community