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Looking to learn more about trading or just looking to hang out with other experienced traders? With traders to talk to and meet. Signals, VC's, chatting, and resources are all on the server. Come join us!

A little gaming community filled with people from various games ranging from cod mobile-pubg mobile, fortnite, league of legends and many others c:

A small Minecraft SMP on aternos, feel free to join if you'd like.

This server is for any otome gamers out there trying to find someone to discuss your hubby's with. This server mainly focuses on Ikemen Vampire, Ikemen Sengoku, and Ikemen Revolution. Some other otomes may be included such as obey me and ikemen prince.

We are a group which mainly focus on these tokens which we think can 10x-50x our investments. We all are help and research these up and coming tokens. If you want to learn more about pancakeswap or uniswap then you should definitely join this server.

Hello, Welcome To Elks Forest here, we invite you to a fun and friendly server where you and friends can come and hangout, we will keep you up to date with Elks uploads, in the meantime when waiting you can go check out some custom role!

Harlem Gaming is a place for girls, and allies to hang out and play a fun game in a comfortable environment!

Welcome to Roma ! This is a server dedicated to fans of the Roman Empire. We are still a small server so WE NEED YOU!, We need you and your hard work to build the server for it to become a respectable and good place.

Looking for a amazing stream team and awesome community JOIN TEAM METROPLEX Super Supportive Community Everyone is welcome, NO HATE Meet Streamers, Supporters, Collectors, Gamers, Anime Junkies and More Huge Community events each month and giveaways

We are a small Gaming and Anime Server looking for people to join our server! Our server is friendly and safe. Anybody who wants to join server our doors are open! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

OFFICIAL CHALLENGER BOT SERVER! Combat NPCs and your friends in battle with a wide arsenal of powerful moves, items, and pets. Join to play the game!

Manjaro is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system.

We allow Dank Memer robbing and we utilize many fun discord bots like Yui and Tatsu!

Hello and welcome to the Singapore transport enthusiast server!Here you can -Discuss about buses,trains,highways,roads,traffic etc -Spot buses -Spot trains -Spot members(hahahaha) -Discuss random stuff -Play with dank memer -Play music

- Memes, off-topic, music, manga and anime to even food! - Channels related to Genshin conversations to memes, artworks and even co-op! - Arcade, here you will find channels outside of Genshin. - Organized and maintained server.

Genshin Impact is a fun server where you can come talk about Genshin Impact! Anyone is welcome! Please invite whoever you want! Have a wonderful time here!