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Wir sind eine kleine Gaming Community und freuen uns immer auf neue Leute zum Zocken.

Football United welcome fans of all clubs and leagues to have a shared conversation.

Genshin Impact is a fun server where you can come talk about Genshin Impact! Anyone is welcome! Please invite whoever you want! Have a wonderful time here!

- Memes, off-topic, music, manga and anime to even food! - Channels related to Genshin conversations to memes, artworks and even co-op! - Arcade, here you will find channels outside of Genshin. - Organized and maintained server.

Hey! Our server is a community server with currently 1 member (me) and we are looking for chatters, we just want to have a good time, we also play games and listen to music, sometimes we even watch movies. We have tons of bots to have fun with aswell!

wait you can see this? Oh wait dont do! I want to show you our creator Server! read our description to see more :D Thanku <3

We are a trusted market who sell Social Medias boosts and much more

The server is for students and friends to help each other learning guitar. Teacher available to answer questions. Laid back atmosphere.

Osiris is a 2d metaverse game on mobile & pc. Cosmic Kids are NFT avatars of Osiris which grant access & earn you crypto.

I failed English class, so I dunno' how to write a "d-e-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n." Plz join tho, maybe u could help me go to college or sum', idk

Welcome to Temmie Village, an Undertale appreciation Discord server!

Chill, fun and interactive server where the community comes first.

The server where you can talk about gaming with many people

Join our server to do a number of really fun minecraft bedrock and java related things.

Join and have fun interactions with members ( ╹▽╹ )!! | DIO • LAWLIET • POKÉTWO • POKÉMEOW • OWO • SEKAI • YUI • TATSUMAKI

milf mansion!! a roblox server for teens, make friends, play games, watch movies.