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Cum tribute girls from Instagram

Hey there! Welcome to Jay's Drug Shack :D This is a server full of emotes (100+ and more coming soon!). Feel free to join!

This is trading server welcome to all members. Here at BULLS ON PARADE, we help each other, and we grow together, because there is always something you can learn. ONLY THING WE ASK FOR IS YOUR DEDICATION AND PARTICIPATION!!

This server is completely based on the 2015 horror game SOMA

Sakato Services is a server dedicated to providing custom-built servers for free. We want to gather people from all around the world to help each other learn more about Discord server-making.

New upcoming gaming discord thatโ€™s organized to the top and community priority

Selling and trading fortnite accounts.

Core SMP is a 1.17 Roleplay Minecraft SMP. Where there is a massive twist which is "Tag" how the tag gets passed around the different players during different sections of the lore.

As the name suggests , this server is just for fun and games , its a place where you get to meet new people and play games with them . Feel free to join and see for yourself

Talk with Yixing fans around the world!

Here you can travel with us Sailor!

Hey there future Mochies! We are an All Girl Server for fellow females who are 16+. We have an exception of 15 year olds turning 16 the same year. Our server are for those who are active, game, love anime, music, sharing hobbies, and being themselves!

โ•โ•โ•โ• โœจThis server is a place in which you can meet many great friends. Join in, and become a part of a huge community!โœจ

Story driven RP server, centered around multiverse RPing! The story progresses through multiple phases, where the environment and variables change with each phase, depending on how you react!

Do you like guns and/or tactical gear? Want to discuss guns and gear with fellow guns and gear lovers? Then join Guns & Gear!

The galaxy where game stars interact! We have active and friendly people, everyone is welcome to come to meet us!