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We are a group of streamers that network and We always have someone to play with. We are small right now but I want to create this community so there is always someone you can play with and voice chats that you can meet me and other people!

simple. Gaming server! good for finding new friend and etc.

Looking to learn more about trading or just looking to hang out with other experienced traders? With traders to talk to and meet. Signals, VC's, chatting, and resources are all on the server. Come join us!


This server is a FiveM based strict-roleplaying community where people may join to become an LEO, Fire, or even EMS.

The Crypto Den is the all you need server for your crypto needs! We provided active news, new coins, and many giveaways! Join us today to level up your crypto experience.

We are a group which mainly focus on these tokens which we think can 10x-50x our investments. We all are help and research these up and coming tokens. If you want to learn more about pancakeswap or uniswap then you should definitely join this server.

New upcoming gaming discord that’s organized to the top and community priority

Fun active server, accepting of all, music discussions, gaming. We got everything!

[DSMP school au] • Friendly staff and members • Tons of dream smp characters to chose from (including proxies, guests, and former members!) • OCs • Bots • LGBTQ+ friendly •

Harlem Gaming is a place for girls, and allies to hang out and play a fun game in a comfortable environment!

Robotics for All is a server where students can share their knowledge about STEAM and robotics while also learning from others. We have an amazing community where we share latest STEAM news and give like-minded students the opportunity to connect.

Seaside is a place to make friends and have fun playing games. Although it is a small server it is planning to grow an active community. We are looking for people who just wanna have fun in games like Minecraft, Destiny 2, Valourant, Battlefield. So join!

This server provides links to applications and websites that provide free gift card currency for many brands (Xbox, PSN, Amazon) in exchange for receipts, surveys, ads, ect. This also provides promotion links/codes for additional balances!

➸ Aftercare is a social community server for 18+ users, we are focused around kink, video games, support, and relationships

18+ A mixed group of casual and competitive gamers that often play together. Also anime enthusiasts.