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We're a moderated server for discussing politics, current, past and future. Join to discuss!

Are you a teen interested in royalcore? Obsessed with Royalcore? Great! We are too! The Royalcore Residence is a place to find others who share your interest in the aesthetic to talk, share outfits, accessories decor and more! Join us here!

Enough already said, now join in!

Este es un servidor sobre el anime/manga de Owari No Seraph para formar una comunidad la cual busca ser oficial del fandom hispanohablante de la serie.

We are a small "The Umbrella Academy" themed Discord community set up by @mozdead on TikTok!

A fun community/gaming server made for car enthusiasts, gamers and fans of the youtuber "StxnceUK". Here we host GTA 5 Car meets, and also have tons of cool features and entertainment for gamers and car enthusiasts alike!

School Guide is a safe place for teenagers to chill, hangout and study. Our goal is to help anyone with studying problems. Here you can help others or simply ask for help. You have many options ^^. You can be a student, a teacher or a tutor.

get in the freaking van

Football United welcome fans of all clubs and leagues to have a shared conversation.

Welcome to the The Voiders! We are a Minecraft focused community with great events happening very often like our own SMP! (Currently happening, you can still join!) Here you can find teammates, make friends, chill out, play various games, and much more!

Welcome, we are a friendly community!

Oi bb, poderia entrar no meu servidor de webnamoro? Tá rolando eventinho quente :3! Temos uma comunidade cheia de otakus , eventos e bots de harém como o mudae! Pode me chamar lá! Sou uma das donas :3 https://imgur.com/a/eAutSuB

Christ is the cord that unites all Catholics Together.

On this server, you can talk to your friends without anyone bothering you with all the modern bots. It has a very good template. And you can always talk to one of the admins if you need something.