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Selling and trading fortnite accounts.

This is the best server to play games like minecraft and other games with your friends.

A nice, non strict, sfw community waiting for YOU to join!

Welcome to Cookies World! Here you can find new friends, participate in draws and much more. We are a very friendly server and love all of our members. Join us!

Chat, Community and Giveaways, etc..

Welcome to the degenerate hub! This is primarily a server I made for my youtube subscribers but anyone is welcome!

Venha fazer parte da maior rede de entretenimento do discord, onde você conhece diversas pessoas, troca ideia sem problema algum!

Pika's Memes is a small discord server in which you can post any memes, we have friendly staff which are very active.

[GIRLS ONLY, SORRY!] Ages 13-16 because..teens :') uhm, music lovers!! yes please and anime watchersss lesgoooo

Community Discord Server.

Ein Kleiner Discord und Minecraft Roleplay Server

Octi is a new AR-based app coming soon and is looking to build its community!! It's a chill community with tons of channels like Movies, Anime, Fashion, Gaming, so you'll find your group here! You can also BETA test the app if you join :)

Welcome to the Past-Years SMP, a tight little community SMP based on the popular Origins mod, we have custom origins for newcomers and plenty to choose from! we have mods o’ plenty so you won’t ever run out of ideas again.

We talk about all topics, whether its mechanical keyboards or game exploits, anime or movies.

Minimal Moderation, mostly 18+, Social server w/ ranks, custom bots, game keys in shop, and more!