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🎮 Dedicated Minecraft Server | 👾 9 Game Bots | 🤣 Memes | 💖 Friendly | 🔊 24/7 Open VC | 🌙Relaxed Environment

A welcoming community server based on the indie game "Changed", developed by dragonsnow. This is a primarily roleplay based server.

We are a Jojo-based server but welcome any fandom, we have a brilliant staff team, friendly community, variety of bots and emojis and many more. We are currently looking for partnerships, boosters and active members.

We share thousands of free 100IV, Nest, Regional, Candy, PvP and Weather coordinates and much more!

We're a pokemon community looking to expand and develop as well as provide you with an all you need community for your pokemon needs and or desires.

Join Us, for some fun chatting we all try to make new friends here interact with people from all over the world hope you enjoy your time!

Oh, it looks like you found Meraki~ Your safe space to chill after a long and tiring day. Wanna join our community? 🧋

Make friends here or find someone to love! Ages around 12-18! feel free to join! No toxic stuff! We also support LGBTQ+! We are still a growing community but i hope you will become a part of it!

This server is for Electronic Producers and Artists. If you don't make music that's okay too! This is a creative hub for all us underground artists to come and connect with each other! As we grow together we will have a big family.

chillin with some friends

Join Black Heroes Everywhere, This group was created for the discussion of our beliefs and common likes for comics , animations , music and out looks on life.

GhostFlash is a community project, that we've initiated as a way to bring friends & various common interest elements such as games/tech/influencers and much more to one spot.

I wouldn't recommend joining actually, the only funny one in the server is me - Cow jk it's very interesting and extremely LGBTQ+ friendly and we try to VC often.

The Official Fruit Ninja Twitter Account. Make Ninja Stars Playing Games & Interacting With The Community! Earn Free NFTs!

👋~日本人 大歓迎です!~👋 Like Anime? You're welcome! Like Gaming? You're welcome! Want to learn Japanese? You're welcome! 💬Chill・🎮Gaming ・ ✨Anime・📞Active VC・🎌Learn Japanese ・📅Daily Events・🎁Giveaways・🎨Art・😂 Memes

Salut, sunt Mihai si am 16 ani.