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Hey! Welcome to Average Land. This is a server made for Average gamers lead by an Average Youtuber 🤣 CLICK TO SHOW MORE INFO!

In this server we hang out and chat Youtubers welcome! If you join and I announce that I will make a video and need someone you will have a chance at being in one.

New Kpop Technology est un serveur discord de kpop qui accueille de nombreuses autres communautés avec un thème fantastique. New Kpop Technology is a kpop discord server that welcomes many other communities with a fantasy theme.

🌃A Minecraft Community where you can share builds, Socialize with other people and make new friends! We are a really close community and we love to have new members join!🏗✨

Hello my name is Radwan Kaddour I am a indie video game developer .

Surfing through some of the wildest stories on the web, both past, and present.

Hey There Come Join My Server! Here You Can Find Over 100+ Emojis Advertisement Updates On Almost Every Video Game Giveaways! 50+ ROLES (Including Custom Roles) And So Much More!

Welcome to The Naughty Corner! A place that welcomes people of all race, gender, and identities, we have a wide selection of channels dedicated to sharing memes, chilling out in VC, and even sharing nudes and suggestive photos of yourself.

A multi-purpose server dedicated to connecting people for chatting, gaming, music promotion, nsfw sharing, and much more. This server (although still growing) has channels for people to hang out and for artists to find other artists to collaborate with.

Wir sind die größte und aktivste deutschsprachige Nintendo Community auf Discord. Auf dich warten zahlreiche Mitspieler, Events, Turniere & Gewinnspiele !

Shards is a small roleplaying community which holds unique worlds within it. Each shard represents a different Shard keepers imagination, one shard could be very futuristic, another could be a more mundane and old medieval world.

Welcome to Sleeping Forest! Sleeping Forest is your go-to premium survival/Economy Minecraft server. We currently offer a single game mode with a multitude of additions that allow for a very creative and fun experience.

═════ NUDE LIFE ═════ New Nudes Every Week Good Prices For Sex Cam's And Pack Nudes, ═══════════════ • Nsfw channels • Porn vids • Members's nudes • Sex Cam • Bots commands 18+ ═══════════════

We offer you a friendly server with chill members & staff Here’s some more of what we have to offer! ●Awesome Bots! ●Car Dealership Shops ●Gambling And Work slot ●Chats For Your Platform keyboard ●GCTF Trading ●New glitches

It is an NSFW BDSM themed server!