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A chill new server dedicated to discussions around music. We have last-fm, dank-memer, and other fun bots.

Student-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit aimed at promoting and sharing sustainable international development.

Looking for a place to relax and meet new people to chill with? This place is for you! We have events and activities to keep the place entertaining!

our server road to 500 member , we will do 500 member special in the server

A new born server ready to fill with members.

Welcome to Unmumble! This is a server for people who love languages. We host two types of meetings weekly. The first is community meetings which are hosted by members of the community. The second type is group lessons of 4 with private Unmumble tutors.

A great place to make friends and have fun

Just hangout and do some gaming, please be gentle am not happy!

The premiere place to netplay Mario Party and other N64 and GameCube games online! Includes game-changing modifers, leaderboards, and more!

New growing FIFA community trading team help and much more Small stremer help for twitch

Welcome to the Gridlock Server We are a Ethereum wallet with a friendly and helpful discord community server dedicated to discussing Crypto & NFTs.

Hello comrades! Have you ever wanted to join a army that is slowly growing? If so this is the place for you, we slowly are rising to power, if you join we will give you ranks on professions/hobbies you have... what're you waiting for? JOIN!

Ayksa Laboratory is server for discord bot.

Moin Meister Wir haben vor kurzem eine Discord Server und einen eigen Minecraft FORCE SMP Server erstellt. Wir haben sehr viele frische und aktive Member. JOIN NOW

FoxoPatio is a Community-Server to hang out on, meet new people and share your interest in cute foxos!

Andrena is an LGBTQ+ friendly Minecraft 1.16.5 SMP/Towny server with a growing community! We do rank and nitro giveaways based on invites! see #announcements