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Modern Wolf is a publisher of fun strategy simulation games. Our Discord is open to people of all levels of experience and interest in that genre and beyond it. We're enjoy TTRPGs, conversations that can be sometimes purely meme based and everyone having

Alpha Helium is a coding community regardless of whether you are a programmer or not. It is our honour to have you here.

The Abode is your online home away from home.

We are a social friendly and outgoing server that aims to forge long lasting friendships and to have a safe and fun place to hangout. we also have a passion for games, anime and many interests. Hope to see you soon!

Small youtuber’s server. Chill hang out and safe space.

Majesty est un serveur français/anglais basé essentiellement sur l'aspect communautaire chill de discord. Prêt pour vivre une aventure majestueuse chez nous?

Official Discord server for the Fox Squad gaming group. At present, we play Minecraft and are open to taking suggestions for other games to play. Streams occur via Twitch and videos are posted on YouTube by each of the members of the team.

A small cute and aesthetic server! Gives a lot of offer! Join now!

https://discord.gg/nBNST7nUZc brand new RP server that you can help set up pls join i need members, specifically girls cos we have a lot of boys so far

-work in progress -everything server -we know how to take a joke -15 bots (if you want one, ask us to add it :)) -ur mom jokes galore -open to everyone -pls join the server its so dead help

It's a friendly server, to have fun and to hang around

Playing With Fire is a gaming/hangout server! In this server, you can make friends based on shared interests, find new games to play, find gaming equipment recommendations, and more! The purpose of this server is to make friends and to have fun.

Let your money work for you.

This is a Server where you can talk about a lot of cool things like Android and Phones!

Gallery and community server for furry artist Cloudpie ✨ Self-promo is encouraged! ✨ The open part of the server is SFW and there is a locked adults-only NSFW section for those who show proof of age

RealX's Palace is the best community gaming server and latest . Its Gaming Members enjoy the server due to its variety of games that people discuss. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? JOIN TODAY!!!