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We are a team of experienced investors, who decided to open our own hub for beginners and other traders. There's no matter where are you from, how old are you, and what are you doing now!

We are a kid friendly server! We are almost always online! We have lots of fun bots! We would really appreciate it if you invite some friends! We love seeing active members! You can advertise in our server! You can partner with us!

The community server for the exhale anarchy Minecraft server. Join to gain access to the Minecraft server!

Small sever for now with just a bunch of friends, but looking to make a fun community for people to hang out with and make new friends. :)

In Unleashed Souls we Just chill out you know like we are just a friendly community thats trying to grow so we would apricate you joining and having some fun. We do Gaming, Memes, Chatting, Programming, and more so join up and have a fun time :)

Everyone that joins is given a full admin role in the server, your are free to do whatever you want.

Hello! I am a Mixer streamer who is aiming to become one of the best in the streaming industry!

Hang out server

A gaming server with all latest updates.


0zies Atticis a discord ive created for my followers/subscribers to come and message eachother and me.

Priamos GOLD Award for Best Semi-Hosted Server Into the PRIAMOS Server, you will find a wide variety of brand new themed rooms with a unique design, starting from small rooms with exceptional luxury. Share your videos/streams/memes and chat.

This is a server for all things weed!

Welcome to Bonfire in this server you can meet new people to spend time with. At Bonfire, we have activities like rpg, counting, and qotd.

This is a call of duty server mainly for call of duty: cold war. The main purpose is to play online with others.