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GAMING WORLD este un server de gaming,fun si multe altele.Servarul are multe functi, roluri si camere foarte tari. Intrati acum s-a crestem aceasta comunitate

This is a investing based server where we work on bringing the best to our members. We put out daily alerts of what to buy and when to sell. I imagine you joining right now 😁

friendly server for weebs, gamers, coders, and pretty much everyone with too much free time for their own good (or master procrastinators)!

This is the official Kenny Hotz from Kenny vs Spenny Discord server! Come join Kenny and have a great time with the other fans.

For fellow kinky members as well as gamers, this server will allow you to be yourself while playing the games you love

Pi community server full on info, chat and entertainment.

Gaming Discord Server!!!

pls join lmao we just a bunch of teens I mean simps join pls lez be friends we lonely asf lmao just gonna copy this so yeah pls join lmao we just a bunch of teens I mean simps join pls lez be friends we lonely asf lmao

For discussion, trading, and battling in Gen 1/2 Pokemon games. Supports Crystal Clear too. Also has PokeMeow and PokeTwo for extra fun. May have Giveaways in the future.

This server was made for people looking to meet other people. It’s a place to make friendships

This is a community for any and all people interested in computers and programming.

~ Fun community ~ Featured YouTubers/Streamers ~ Cool emojis ~ Open mod positions ~ Fun bots ~ NSFW Channel & more!

Its a fun place to come and vibe. Trying to grow my community and have fun.

Fandoms combined in one server :) Make new friends and maybe find new things to watch!