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Just trying to grow the community get everyone together to game and talk and stream whatever together just have fun. Also if your a redneck come on in and send them tractor pics

A very cool land filled with degenerates and overweight mods.

This is the Horny Republic. Our server is themes around NieR: Automata.

A server for all things ACNH. Trade, host events, make friends, share ideas!

This is a server for stoners and gamers but anyone can join if you're looking for a server with the less cancer but relaxed rules. We only have five rules and they're easy to follow and you wont get band without first being contacted.

A new automotive server that encourages deep discussion with an effort to build an close knit community.

Hey! We here at Chilling Corner are super hyped about just relaxing, in our amazing server, you can play games🎮, make new friends🙃, and listen to music🎶!

Come over and chat with our members!

A server for thats for chill people

A discord server I made to promote my Twitch, where you can chat with friends, hangout, listen to music, suggest games to play and generally have a good time.

Hello! Are you looking for a server to meet new people in? Or just looking for a server with tons of emotes? Well, you're looking at the right place!

In this server you can use LFG, send hilarious memes and make new friends.

We are a Virtual Airline called Central Airline based on Real Flight Simulator, please join if you are interested in flying with us when we do events. Please see our description for more details!

Seeking a place to talk about your favorite artists, musical opinions and more? Join Raptok! here we have amazing custom self roles, a great community with lots of channels, and much more! Join now! discord.gg/yx6j3tXrqu

‧₊˚★ [ g a l a x y . ] ★*·˚ ★ an aesthetic discord server for sharing art. ★ may be a community/fun server in disguise o-o 11 bots (and counting) and lots of channels to talk to other people! ★ looking for more active members :3 ‧₊˚★