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The Secret Society has free tarot readings, lots of events to redeem prizes that YOU pick, and more!

Looking for a server where you can talk about Linux and Mac? You are in good hands!

The United States is a peacekeeper in the world, managing to keep World War III from happening just yet. It is also the economic heart of the world. But what if... all of that changed? What if... the United States collapsed? Find out in this intriguing rp

✪ Get resources to complete a project your working on ✪ Learn a new passion from our large supportive community ✪ Promote your content for exposure/opportunities ✪ Supportive, interactive, and friendly

Gamefy is a new gaming community. Currently we are growing our population and building our base but we also have launched our first server for RUST game. Gamefy Noobs & Beginners

21 discord server


Server has monthly giveaways. Right now we are preparing to make a full pc with setup giveaway! We play all the games and will treat you with respect. We also have kind mods/vips that will help you if you have any questions. You can also chill with us and

Anime & Gaming | Friendly & Welcoming | Economy | Weekly Giveaways | Gaming Events

join if you like playing roblox or other games, you’ll make great friends to play with on this server !

"When hope is gone… undo this lock… and send me forth… on a moonlit walk!" Want a place to hang out and meet like-minded people?

Here we just chill, talk and have fun! Stream updates, interactive streams and much more are handled here! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Utopian Capital is an up and coming Nitro/PayPal giveaway server, currently we are trying to gain members in order to fund the giveaways, if you could join that would be greatly appreciated thanks!

A small discord/minecraft server Czech / English active stuff active minecraft server 24/7

Venit direct de la Iuliana Beregoi, va prezentăm în premieră în România serverul Discord special destinat copiilor dar și adulților numit Generația Z.

Nederlandse crypto server met de beste signalen.

A chill server for all sorts of people. We have games, pokemon, and tons of fun bots.

This is a server that me and my friends made and anyone can join