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Serenity is a small but fun server offering plenty of fun events, bots, channels, and emojis for you to use!

A server dedicated to yaoi and BL hentai! Come discuss and share your favourite yaoi series and have fun :)

This is a roleplay server where you can just hop on choose some characters and start roleplaying. This will go through My hero academia's Timeline whilst adding other characters. This will help spice up the story during our roleplay.

Welcome to SGAGS Server. We have 25+ Inserver Minigames and A Fun non NSFW Community

Genrefy, a community for all the musicians and non-musicians has a simple single motive that is to provide every musician out there with work.

This a server used to hangout when gaming.

Welcome to the official Chomps discord! Join if you are a fan or if you just enjoy gaming! Come hangout in this chill, friendly environment! Make friends and hangout~!

We are a small server for: Gaming Making Friends Chatting Being a community Being social! Please don't leave if we are slightly inactive, we do get more active throughout the day.

Here we simp for the roxy from mushoku tensei:jobless reincarnation

A Pokรฉmon server for the most part but we have branched out to just Nintendo gaming in general. We have our own seed check bot so feel free to hop in if you want access to it!

Give away a, hacked items anything you want https://discord.gg/wn5UAwCmA2

A new and exclusive hangout for Online Entrepreneurs who want to co-work, collaborate and celebrate together. Don't be lonely in your journey, get alongside other bright minds and achieve more.

Come Chat. We are Trying to Build a Community of Streamers. You Can Always Leave After All.