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Sports Betting Sever!!!! FREE PICKS!!! A new server created by individuals that have access to some of the top sports picks in both professional and college sports!!!!!!

Hey look its another small server based on monster girl quest, isnt that cool? Thats cool right? You probably will like it if you join it.. it even has tamamo's fluffy tail in it and tofu.. Yay. You like anime and monster girls right? Join join join...

Hey! Crystal Cave is a new discord community which is mainly based on gaming.

The discord is all about connecting creatives together. Touching from film, music, and fashion. Creating an home of creatives. Its an community searching for like aspiring artists that dont like to put in boxes but instead breaks them!


If you are achive on chat and text alot pls join

You want to have a place where you can have fun or just write Just4Fun with people? Then join us with pleasure! 😁

A fresh + growing community focused on fashion + style.

Shadic is a new community with all kinds of gamers. Shadic features a custom bot that allows users to create their own party and invite/kick anyone they desire, and much more!

You need to join our server! Our server provides a bunch of Voice Channel and Text Channels for a bunch of popular games like Among Us, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, and many more!

Hey, unser Server besteht aus einer Aktiven Community und leuten die nett und freunldich zu jedem neuen sind. Überzeugt euch selbst und schaut mal vorbei ;D Hoffe Ihr fühlt euch wohl

This server is for content creators from all walks of life to learn more, escape their 9-5, and hopefully find a sense of belonging in a really good community.

Eh hangout chill

Hop on board to join an among us community from around the globe

A community for developers worldwide. We provide cheatsheets for any use-case. Our server is growing rapidly. Join now!

We are a server that offers many thing such as anime, manga, art, music, memes, videogames, bots, emotes and so much more!!!! Every community is welcomed!!! All of the members are extremely welcoming and will have conversations with anyone!!!