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A discord server dedicated to Game dev and fun!

BDG discord server


Chill gaming oriented server with an active USW Tarkov community

Looking for members to join a really chill server, where gamers can interact and enjoy

lit discord server anime and games in shit need more regulars for party games

A server for talking about the videogame Gorilla Tag

Discord Shqiptar mer vlla

Come explore a growing and expanding world focused on traversing the magical dungeon that has just appeared in this sleepy town. Everything is randomly generated. We have text RP channels along with voice games. We use foundry vtt and DND 5e.

『Dusk's Redemption: Higure』 "Dusk’s Redemption is an indie project about a guy that gets "isekai'd" to hell. When he reunites with a reincarnation of his childhood friend, they then set out in search for the killer to get their revenge." ✦

This server is dedicated to all things Building Automation related.

We're a server that just likes to chill, poke fun, roast each other, vibe, and play games. [If you are overly sensitive I DO NOT advise that you join this server] - Looking for bros! If all of this fits your description feel free to join!

Chatogo is a age friendly LGBTQ+ server, where you can vent, chat or post memes you love.

A cafe themed server where you and your friends can chill! it's a small server but we're looking for more members for more activity. This server is here so we can be here for you and just have fun, we talk about anime, kpop, music, games and more!

Join one of the best My Hero Academia RPs on Discord that allows both canons and OCs, and is overall loaded with fun and great opportunities! Be a part of a safe, SFW, and literate MHA RP today!

Chill server for everyone, join and have fun!

It's an Entry Point sever but for people who think 9mm rounds are cringe and .45 ACP is the best pistol/submachine gun caliber.