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A family-frendly server! You can chat whit members and have fun whit them!

A server with a genuine community and is all about ideas and civility. We are a diverse group in our political, economical and social views. Coming from various walks of life, this isn't surprising. FRD thus welcomes you to the family.

Memes Advertised

An artistic server ☆ Share and chill ☆ Everyone welcomed ☆ Nice community☆ beautiful emotes ☆ Advices ☆ Game and activites

Community Discord with a twist

𝐓𝐓𝐏 | The Official partnered server with the TikTok account, @tiktok.pain

Are you looking for an experienced and well run FiveM community? Well Diverse Roleplay is the community for you.

Questo server è adatto a chiunque voglia fare amicizia e divertirsi, Sopratutto se amate il Gaming Anime Netflix e molto altro! Spero entriate, e in caso, Buon Divertimento!

This is a place where you can be yourself! Send memes, be toxic, say jokes, no one will criticize you. Must be at least 16+. In the end, we are all family. Just give it a chance we would be thrilled to have you! (btw server name is just a joke, promise)

Hello! Welcome to the GreyTree Discord server! We welcome all exploiters and pre-exploiters! GreyTree is a Youtuber working hard every day to give people easy access to exploits and scripts. We mostly do Roblox Exploits and Script Sharing.

Heya, here's a server for Smash Bros related stuff, and chillin! We have Ultimate matchmaking channels, Melee matchmaking channels, very good emojis, and more!

BDG discord server


Chill gaming oriented server with an active USW Tarkov community

Neon Advertising® is a place where server owners can come and advertise their servers for FREE! We have lots of chats for members to interact and special roles/rewards for members who reach a certain rank. Come stop on bye and stay a while! See you soon.

The Something Server is a small server looking to grow! It's a server where you do what the title suggests, something! With lots of game bots and emojis, and even interactive channels, Something Server is a great server to be in! Hope to see you there!