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Chill peeps, we need more interesting people but please don't blow it up. And more importantly, be yourself :) there's a channel for memes btw so use that for... Memes. No nasty stuff pls

Got insanely hard math homework? Want someone to play Chess against? Prodigy is the server for YOU! We hold Debating, Mock Trials, study help and more, come along, we don't bite!

I’m opening a server for abit of fun and to interact with other people hopefully build a community.

Just Game is a community that's small but it is active. Most of us know one another on a first name basis but we'll call you what you like most.

we have an minecraft smp with plugins we just started an looking fo staff members

The official Discord server for the YouTuber Lanza!

Hey there👋 This is a gaming server you can join here to chill find a partner for your game😉

Welcome to the |Anime Zone| a server that has -Considerate Mods -Fun & Entertaining bots -Self Assignable Roles -A server always open to suggestions -Events (when we get enough people) -And much more to come...

Best COD/Warzone Unlock Tools and Hack for Free. Always updated!

Looking to chill and play some FPS games with some friends. This is the place for you. Were looking to start a community based on teamwork and communication. Promote your streams. Get game updates. Grow with us from the beginning.

This server is one of the split offs of Rxdnxck's Hellhole designed to be PC talk, setup talk, and many other gaming/PC related things.

A chill place where you can vibe with people like moderators and people new! There are bots which you and your friends can vibe with whilst having fun.

Welcome to the Pagan Corner A place for pagans and non-pagans alike to share thoughts and ideas. A safe place to have some fun and meet new people. We offer PluralKit, and many game bots. We are open to suggestions to add more fun to the server.

Battlefront II Gaming Community

Are you looking for a nice cozy server to make new friends and join a community? Backyard Springs is all about that! We're a friendly community looking for some nice new friends!