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Welcome to the Smooth Jazz Chill Out Lounge! We're a laid-back, stress-free music-sharing/gaming community, and anyone is free to swing by. We occasionally host community events as well. Our only rule is to treat others with respect, and we'll do the same


Baum Designs is my personal community hub for all of my projects including Dramatic Skys, Default HD, and more!

Do you read webtoons and read GoH or heard of it? Then join our new server for God of High School!

Strictly 18+ | Literate role play server | Friendly and helpful staff | Lots of different RP categories and channels | Live RP | Monthly IC Events |as for ooc general hang out chat | Music channel | Play as a vampire, werewolf, human or their hybrids |

Phoenix advertising a advertising server with 6+ advertiseing tags join now and start advertiseing

Ocfromdev is a server where you can talk about game development games in general. Follow the rules and have fun!

New server -What can you do in here? members can chill and chat in Aesthetic Lovers! -New bot Coming soon! -Dank memer Added soon! Be our First member!

A friendly server for Kim and anyone else who wants to join

Welcome to AI Marketing US community. Let's make money 100% legally and passively with AI !

Hello! we are a multicod content creating squad. our main pursuit is to get good call of duty snipers from any game, everyone in our squad makes content and alot of our members are apart of teams so its a good way to get recognized in the community!

A place to hangout and talk with other Crab Gang fans. in here you can get access to some of the parts of Crab Gang that others can't like the exclusive giveaways, stream announcements and a possibly a chance to talk to the people who make the vids.

Giveaway's, events and more!

Want to join an interesting, fun and personal server where you can chill out? This server is the perfect place for that as it is low moderation, casual and small enough so you can still get to know people and hangout in a healthy community.