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Greetings from The Continuation! We are a server based on many cool ideas and communities brought together in one! We have many cool channels and ideas, and we would love for you to be an addition to our community!

Come join our Play by Post Superhero server using D&D as a base! No knowledge of D&D required! We are flexible homebrew and we want to allow everything (within reason ofc)! Make your own superhero and live out your caped fantasies!

Pearl Hotel is a MMORPG built to create a fun and safe community while making friends, virtually building or escaping reality.

Welcome to The Night Devils! (16+) Our society is for everyone who needs friends. We are party goers, we look up events, we chat, invite members to games and have lots of fun together. That's all. Cheers!

CZ/SK/EN gaming community

╭・:・゚✧ The Planetarium is a 15+ server ・We offer: ✦ Events ✦ Small community ✦ Mature community ✦ A friendly, non-toxic community ✦ Unique roles ✦ Responsible staff ✦ Frequent giveaways ✦ Applications ╰・:・゚✧ And much more!

Esports Organisation re-established in 2021. Currently competing in Valorant and Rocket League.

In our server everyone is equal we talk about anime, music, gaming and even school, we do polls about everything and we also help everyone we can.

A server basically for everything! 50+ channels and cool features!

Come join us to get support if you're a system, and learn about systems of you're a singlet or questioning!

A chill place where you can vibe with people like moderators and people new! There are bots which you and your friends can vibe with whilst having fun.

Come join a developer lounge, game jam, bot support server, minecraft server, and much more here at the RigidNetwork!

﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌﹌ • Hello and welcome to Montoru's resort, this server specializes in Anime & Manga. • We support every community, e.g. k-pop or gaming! Everyone is welcome here

This is A New Non-Racist, Family Friendly, And social Server! With great staff and Active Owner! Just Chat with new poeple!

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Chill Discord Server for chat and chill, possibly make some mates?