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We are an 18+ Discord server geared towards NSFW artists. No matter if you are seasoned veteran or just starting out on your lewd art journey, our community is the perfect place to hang out and talk to other artists, request critiques or share your work.

We are a multi-purpose community. Come and chat with us, participate on our events, meet new friends, and more! This is a server that isn't focused on a specific topic, so feel free to join up and chat about anything you want.

This is a familly friendly server for all the fans

This is a small dog server, we are friendly and welcome people to join us!

Welcome to Nation! We are gaming community with the purpose to host and provide entertainment to video games.

A growing Genshin Impact worldwide server that has many travelers who hang out and chill together. We have chats related to genshin, spoilers and have a community that plays other games too. Read and accept the rules and you're all set to go!

A chill server for people who like anime, music and video games!

MaiBeret is an art community centered around helping artists grow and discover others who share the same interests and passions. We also host events and contests to challenge artists with various prompts in which the winners are awarded with cash prizes.

¡¿Preparado para unirte al mejor servidor de todos?! Somos un pequeño servidor de habla hispana con todo lo que te puedas imaginar, además los moderadores estaremos pendientes a cualquier petición, de hecho, tenemos una chat ÚNICAMENTE para escucharlos!

A server for Undertale fans and roleplayers to chat and roleplay with each other and just have fun. :)

Area were content creators such as streamers and gamers could chill. What's more to it?

Welcome to Marathon RP 🏁🏁. If you are about the grind ⚒ , hustle 🤾‍♂️, money💰, and great RP. This is your new home 🏡. This is a Nipsey Hussle Inspired server. Where support💞 is real, Marathon donates to members in need and send streamers star raids.

- RP-PvP server for Playstation - 18+ - Welcoming community - Races to choose from with racial perks - Lore oriented roleplay

Do you like ethical hacking and computer-related stuff? Well if you do, then this server is specifically focused on both of these topics. Come join us fellow intellectuals, we discuss interesting topics related to tech.

Every music soul has a place in here!