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We are a cyber country thats social-monarchist Germany, I am striving to get 1500 members which i really dont even need you to be active I just would like a lot of members, but it also is for a reason dealing with cyber country things.

This is a community sever for my YouTube and twitch.

A community of friendly people who enjoy the Elf and Fairy lore, language, art, music, fiction and roleplay. We also have forums in Forumotion and they have the same boards, activities and rules so you may choose how you want to participate.

A sweet and friendly server created for making friends and having fun.

We are a friendly Discord shop! we sell software :D you can also sell your own software :) And cheap prices we also hire!! some jobs are paid :D yes paid in real money we would like to help you online for cheap prices :D and yes we sell Discord bots!

Hey! Estrella SMP is a fun inclusive bedrock-java crossplay server! Come join it!


Astrea is a great new community server for people interested in science, politics, religion, the arts, gaming, etc.

If you’re looking to join a Minecraft server, you should join Tailvile. Tailvile is a Minecraft Bedrock server that has much to offer to every player. Tailvile is a public Minecraft survival server.

we have fun and somtimes wars

Welcome to support gap ! • League of Legends Gaming Community • very friendly and welcoming • very cute emotes • we need more males • lfg channel for finding duos and carries

This is a cool server with a chill community that wants some people to chat to.

A cool Epic Server for Cool epic members

Nicecoolgood sever

hello my friends please come

A welcoming community where every user gets benefits for just being there whether it be our community driven giveaways, gaming events there's always something to look forward to! - Join to find out more!

A community based support server for those who might need a little extra support. Specifically for content creators and content consumers but all are welcome since going through life alone is never a good idea. Thank you.