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Sakura Nodes is a new hosting! We offer free and paied! And fast quality servers. Come join today!

Here in The Certified Kappers we are chill people looking to game with you. The Certified Kappers is a safe environment where you can express yourself without being judged.

Here at Lo_gun's Hangout, you will find a good community to help you and also find some people to play within any game you like to play


a place to chill and talk about anything, we also accept ideas from our members to get new things added. we also like partners

Chill cafe is one of the most active and amazing server u have ever been to. join us to meet the most amazing members funniest and hyper mods. to have fun in the active chat. meet the friendliest owner you have ever met. enjoy the movie nights.

We have unlimited games including Mudae and Piggy activities. We even have a comic club and a foreign language club coming soon! This server is also LGBTQ+ and POC safe! This server is a safe place for everyone, join us!

Hello and welcome to Neurodivergent Night Owls! This is a server meant for everyone between the ages of 13 and 21 as a place to hang out and discuss your interests in a judgment-free place! We also offer a safe place to vent about anything you need to!

Un server libero e divertente con una community gentile e scherzosa con delle emoji uniche che troverai solo nel nostro server! Unisciti anche tu per perdere la sanità mentale!

Ayo, are you an Alan Walker Fan? If yes, join this server for WALKERS, let's ignite this up!!!

GFX discord server


GFX, a server based around Roblox GFX.

We would love to have you here in our server, so why not take this chance and join now?

Howdy! Twitch based community based on salty speedrunning attempts, a free community Bedrock Minecraft server, and optional NSFW content. We host multiple parties for drinking gatherings, and minecraft/MMO meets.

a cool hang out server

😸 A good server for fun and chatting with friends. 🍻 You can relax to music, discuss interesting topics, make new friends! 💡

¿Te gusta el porno fetichista pero todos los servidores están en inglés? Este es un servidor orientado a múltiples fetiches en español, encontrarás mucho contenido nuevo diariamente.