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“Family, Duty, Honor” - House Tully | We play games, hold tournaments, find solutions to weird problems and generally enjoy beein online.

A Development Community Server. Join the Amazing Community and have fun with Dev Friends. Share you Code or even Host your OWN Managed Cloud Developer System for a really Cheap Price (Under 15 Dollars). There is so much to do, Letˋs get bigger and bigger!

Sharing porn and jerking of together while Joanne (trap) joins from time to time

This is a new discord sever for the YouTube channel of the same name. you haven't heard of it, don't let that discourage you from joining.

Welcome to Monsters Vs. Monster Hunters!! Join us in a world filled with werebeast, elves, magic, vampires, hidden within the human world. Not all humans are accepting of our kind. Some lurk in the shadows waiting to end us, To put us "monsters"

We make discord bots, emotes and etc... We basiclly make everything that comes to our mind :D

LGBTQ friendly

Call of duty and Fortnite gaming group, also including Diablo 3 an minecraft channels.

The Largest International Catholic Server For Catholics, by Catholics, with Catholics to help both Catholics and those interested in Catholicism to learn about the Faith and God.

The SnackPack is a place for any and all Gamers <3 We host game nights on Fridays with a couple of friends and would love to have you join us! Pop in and see what we're all about! Come help us build a fun place to play and talk anything gaming!

Server provides access to a collection of money making ebooks for a price of 15$. The collection has 328 ebooks and is constantly being updated.

We do not forgive, We do not forget, We are ANONYMOUS, We are LEGION

~What we have in store for you~ Lots of bots like Dank Memer, Pokecord,MEE6, and Tatsu. Learn how to be a gacha editor and be a editor. A great community.

Code is can creating

Hello and Welcome to FREST, Meet others and make friends, Self Rules | Selfies | Levelling, The server is new so we probably forgot to add a lot of stuff, Treat people the same as they treat you, MUST BE 13+ !!