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This is the cheese temple. We praise cheese and only cheese. If you join you must accept cheese as your god. If you don't accept cheese as your almighty god please don't join. If you do decide to join please have fun and keep being cheesy:).

We're a Sydney-based community for Oceania and Asian populations to chat and chill with people of the same time zone, with fun games and a relaxed atmosphere. You don't have to be near Oceania or Asia to join, but it is preferable.

This is a server were you can plan a car meet for gta on xbox

Anime School - recensioni anime/manga - tante emotes - mostra i tuoi disegni e ricevi un voto - consigli - giocare insieme - e molto altro!


⊹⊱ Mafia Traitor ⊰⊹ ✥ ╌•『 ♡ 』•╌ ✥ سلام ما یه سرور بزرگ مافیا هستیم که 24 ساعته مافیا ران می کنیم همراه ایونت های جذاب که هر روز ران میشه. منتظر حضور گرمتون در کنار تیم ما هستیم

Chat, Attend live streams. Just have a fun time here, ask dawn or any staff members questions, invite your friends and be in steams or videos.

LinuxAndUbuntu is a blog and discord server to help new Linux users learn Linux. We also cover WordPress, Laravel, Ethical hacking, Linux servers, security, and open-source news & releases. Join us now!

Welcome to ReadStream, the Discord server streaming service where you can make your own story on whatever you want and share it with others in this amazing community! We are starting a Minecraft SMP at 100 members!

welcome to wakanada Here you can chill and hangout with new friends don't be scared we are server without filter so you can say whatever you want you can listen to music or do whatever you want maybe you'll meet a friend you can play game with

So basically this server is made for chill chat, you can make new friends here, explore new talents. You can even show your talents and talk with super kull (cool) people. So please consider joining :)) (maybe you'll find the one ;))

If you like bananas, join! Even though nothing is about bananas.

Welcome to Ethereal!! We are a group of friends who made a server where we post memes, talk about anime, play games (mostly Minecraft, COD Games, among us, destiny, ECT.) we also have monthly giveaways and fun events!! Come join us and get grinding :)

- Hand-drawn art of WWII soldiers with accurate historical references ✅ - P2E Dead Ops Arcade inspired game in development ✅ - 2nd generation NFT derivatives (zombies) ✅ - Mint price TBD @ 8545 limited supply ✅

want to see some hand picked HOT nudes? join us!

Hallöchen x3 Hier auf dem Server ✰ chillvibes ✰ könnt ihr Zeug tun, seid cool, ja das war's und jetzt kommt drauf sonst knallts :)