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Hogwarts Roleplay, arkadaşlarınızla Hogwarts'a gitmenin zevkini sizlere sunmayı kendine hedef edinir ve hatta sizin gibi Harry Potter seven arkadaşlar edinmenize olanak sağlar.

This server is created for the reason that alot of people are struggling with depression, anxiety etc. But that wont be a problem anymore just join our server make a ticket and we will gladly help you and we need nothing back.

Another Gaming & Community Server wants to welcome you

A place for the modern communities of popular communities such as anime fans, gamers and nerds to come together to bond and just have a good time. We're a relatively small and tight-knit server with members from across the globe.

Were a Small gaming community social group.

Welcome To Gaming Hub! A friendly SEA gaming server.

Hey ! RocketMate is here for all your need ! Want a mate ? Want to trade ? Want to participate to tournament ? RocketMate is here for all of that and even more !

The Official Discord Server of Indian YouTuber Glock Gaming.

welcome to Phil's Basement or hell lmao in this server u can look at memes talk to people or dog

Join4Join 🚀🎄 is the fastest growing J4J server out there. You can easliy gain members in our server. Alot of our members gained over thousends members by joining us and advertising! Want this to? Join now and start growing! 📈

ʚ˙˖﹒ What we offer ʚ₊˚·︵‿୨꒰🍥꒱୧‿︵‧₊˚ɞ ﹒🌷 ₊⊹﹒ Gaming channels and vcs ﹒🐑₊⊹﹒ Interactive channels like polls! ﹒🥛 ₊⊹﹒ Fun events and giveaways ₊˚✧‿︵₊୨🍙୧₊‿︵✧˚₊

Hallo Suchender!, Wir sind eine Kleine aber feine Community, die anderen gerne Hilft, viel Redet, desöfteren zockt und noch so einiges mehr! schaut doch einfach mal vorbei!

We play games, mostly overwatch.

Desolate, the home of gaming and shitposting

Este es un servidor español, hecho para debatir y poner en común nuestras opiniones y contrastarlas.