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You can share your music that you like. You can also play in are server casino. If you make music u can share stuff you made. Work with other people and create some music or hang out. Also Apply for a Artist/Creator roles where you can ping peopling when

A hermitcraft like server backed by a tightly knit community.

This server is intended to teach each other, share knowledge, and grow wealth through crypto currency. We welcome everyone joining, from beginners to experts. Our goal is to help you grow as a crypto trader/investor!

This community is for the people who want to grow together! We play a variety of games such as, Tarkov, Rocket League, Among Us, COD: Cold War, and many more! We're always listening to suggestions from the community! Hope to see and help you grow soon! :D

A South Park community server for fans

We're a bunch of degenerates who happened to fall upon each other through the Labyrinth of life (see what I did there? *wink*) We're a community server with no purpose but to make friends, have fun and hang out. Everyone is welcome! ♥️♥️

a new kpop server

come be among like-minded people! 🕶️⛵🕶️ We are a pop culture, LGBTQ+ friendly, small community. We also have channels for neurological disorders, cgl, gaming, and general nsfw (kink friendly)

Are you a fan of Yandere Simulator? We'll come join our server! Pick and choose who ever you want to be. A yandere? A Rival? Perhaps maybe to you to the interest of love and be the Senpai! Will you win the game of elimination?

Serveur communautaire parlant d'informatique, de java à python en passant par le hacking éthique et le crack de jeux vidéo on est une communauté touche à tout disposé à aidé

Spl discord server


Spl is a server where you wont get banned for everything you do. We accept anything from anime lovers to anime titties. Anyone is welcome, invite you're friends so we can make our Utopia global.

Seikou(性交) Island is a brand new 18+ (E)RP Server! Writers and Role-players of ALL skill level are welcome. Seikou was created for connecting like-minded role-players with each other

SubTalk is a place to make friends and make servers. Servers. To make a server you will need a level 5.

Ar mėgsti žaisti kompiuterinius žaidimus? Ar mėgsti susipažinti su naujais žmonėm? Ar mėgsti gerai laiką praleisti? Jeigu taip, tau pasisekė! Esu sukūriusi naują Discord serverį ir ieškau narių, kurie prisijungtų. Jeigu domina, prisjunk prie mūsų!

༉‧₊˚✧ Welcome to Viper's Arcade ✧˚₊‧༉ We are a friendly, new gaming community server who has no rules!! Self-promote, play games with others... do it all!!!!!!

💖We would love for you to join us and have a good time! ❤️‍🔥There are always active members! 💝We are pretty chill and we have lots of fun all the time! 💗We also do not care about your age or identity just be yourself and have a great time!