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Our server Homie$ is kid-friendly with active members and really fun! Its full of so many events and so much more for all! Hope you can join and have fun too!

This server is a relaxing and nice server It has miniGames and more, you can grow up in the ranks *Mod* And have fun, talk to friends, Chill and more. Come join now! ツ

Friendly server with members and anything you want from a discord server Ig?

A discord full of positive Aussies and LGBTQIA+ people, based around being positive and competitive in games, set up by A2Zephyr.

This server is for you if you are looking for a chill small community that plays games together all the time and have some fun movie nights or watch anime together every now and then!

A chill place to hang with friends and escape reality!


Here you can do all sorts of things whether it was listening to music, Talking to people, making new friends, or just to hang out and chill. We have everything you could need to have a good time and enjoy yourself in the server.

Wait you need money? WE CAN HELP COME JOIN!

We are a brand new server looking for more people to join and build a community as a whole. The server is mainly for chatting and voice chatting whenever the users have the time and leisure for it. There will be Japanese / Korean tutoring sessions coming

Werbe dein Netzwerk oder finde tolle neue Netzwerke die dich ansprechen. Lasse dich verzaubern von unseren Werbesystemen

➤ ꒰Hangout & vibe꒱ ✦ ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : sfw ・non-toxic ・ friendly ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : self promo・partnerships ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : semi-active server ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : no @ everyone or @ here pings ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good variety and clear layout ₊˚ ʚ ɞ : a good amount of bots

A Development Community Server. Join the Amazing Community and have fun with Dev Friends. Share you Code or even Host your OWN Managed Cloud Developer System for a really Cheap Price (Under 15 Dollars). There is so much to do, Letˋs get bigger and bigger!

(16+) This server was made with the purpose of celebrating all Nonbinary people. We want everyone who joins and becomes a part of this community to feel loved and accepted, and feel valid for identifying the way they identify.

If your look for other friendless freaks or just Tired™ this trash server is for you. Come here to get some serotonin for your depression.