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We cater for all things crypto, ranging from education to pumps

The Pineapple lounge is one of discord's most active and fastest growing NSFW server. You get to enjoy amazing chats, nudes, fun bots, Nitro giveaways, movie nights and Among us community

A new Discord server for gamers by gamers. Anyone is allowed in, we accept all who join. Whether your looking to socialize with other gamers or find new friends to play your favorite game, we here at The Gamers Chair are ready to welcome you.

openSUSE, formerly SUSE Linux and SuSE Linux Professional, is a Linux distribution sponsored by SUSE Linux GmbH and other companies.

Just Minecraft stuff (SMP, Hardcore SMP...)

Looking to add chill new members to our discord. A place made for nerds, by nerds.

Hey you! Want to have some fun, meet new people, play with new friends and possibly learn how to solve the Rubiks cube? Then this is the right server for you!

A gaming channel to bring people who are trying to find people to play with or come and chat

Looking for people to share the weird and random af stuff in your head with without having to fear judgement? (note this does not include you if you are a pedo or some spooky crap like that)

Our server is a great place for those who enjoy fun events, meeting new people, socializing, or just wanting a place to chill & hang out. The Milky Way is completely SFW & guarantees no harm will come to our people. Hope to see you soon. :)

Modern Wolf is a publisher of fun strategy simulation games. Our Discord is open to people of all levels of experience and interest in that genre and beyond it. We're enjoy TTRPGs, conversations that can be sometimes purely meme based and everyone having

New server looking to grow into a big community full of friends! Everyone is welcome.

IEC is a guild in star atlas a PLAY TO EARN blockchain game AAA rated on unreal engine 5 (4K)

we are a community that specilise in lap dancing and other fun events for vrchat

We are new and we do 1v1 roast sessions that are fun!