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Welcome to Fuck Warren Buffett! We are an open-source investment research forum for tech stocks and the overall tech industry.

What The Hell Is A Fandom is an 18+ Fandom Based Server! We are a multi-fandom discord server where you can chat about anything you want within the fandoms or in general. We also welcome you to share your own fanfictions, art, or whatever!

DynastyRP, is a Serious RP server started by a community of people who want people to feel like part of a community.

Just a fun welcoming server that plays games and gives you tech advice. We can give you a headset recommendation or help you fix your pc. We are just here to have fun.

Tier 2 Server: Community active daily! We've got a level system, bot games, emotes, And so much more!!! Come make new friends with the sad sacks in the pity party!

Salve a tutti e benvenuti nel Final Rose, questo gruppo si concentra principalmente a creare un forte legame tra admin e community affinchè tutto possa andare al meglio. Qui troverete persone interessate a giocare insieme a giochi come Roblox o Minecraft

• Debate Emporium • We are a small debate/gaming server, that is is fresh, new, and looking for new members We're willing to host just about anything, just be civil This is also a gaming server, so you can join for that as well

A 1000+ user network dedicated to the early access steam game, but you are welcome to just hang out and talk about anything. You are likely to meet some new friends who share your interests, make levels or report bugs.

Become a chair! Why? Join us and let us explain you why, you will not regret that! But remember to follow the rules ;)!

Blacked Waifus! New discord server for those who enjoy and create blacked content.

This is a place where people who enjoy anime and video games can chat and have fun!

A free social deduction game in which players are sorted into various teams trying to eliminate each other.

Cloakam's World is a community Discord server run by Cloakam, a small youtuber. Cloakam has also made a custom bot called CloakBot for the server.

Free form, 18+ medieval era fantasy roleplay set on a recently discovered island.

Qooore is on the mission to educate young investors and built smart insight investment tool for everyone 🚀

A server for leaked drumkits / cracked vsts