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Welcome to Rain's Corner. Here its very chaotic yet very fun and a safe place for everyone, especially the LGBTQIA+ community:). everyone here is very nice and we will love to have you in Rain's corner. Have a great time and enjoy!

Welcome to The Ocean! We are an independent and chill server focused on gaming! Our goal is to make a fun and fair place to meet new people. We want to provide a safe place to talk to people and help.

Aftermath is a community-run, Sci-Fi story-based RP/turn-based military strategy game, all in 1 server. Features 30 unique planets, 3 user-controlled factions, user-made units, diplomacy, subterfuge and resource management. High level of creative freedom!

UNITED ROLEPLAY UNIVERSE™ is a roleplay server hub, here you may find partners and groups to create stories together. Come advertise for a roleplay or a group within a friendly community. LGBTQ+ friendly.


Garlic Bread Cult (GBC) is a friendly, quaint community to chat with people who share the same interests as you and to make some new friends. In GBC, everyone is super friendly, welcoming and accepting. Consider joining our community!

UNIX and Unix-like system administrators: BSD / Linux / Etc... - News - Discussions - Conferences - Streams

The amobro community is a youtube and chill server where you can chat, find gaming partners and self promo. we hope to see you there!

We are an inclusive community discord server with the focus on gaming. Join us today!

Hope you like the server! :)

Make friends, hangout, and enjoy.

Feel Welcome everyone it is a pleasure to count on you! Hope this discord server can help you growing as a gamer and person, creating new bounds with people all over the globe and most importantly have fun and share your best content on all social network

0ogi welcomes a variety of different people with different interests! 🍶

Snow Beast Gaming is a friendly and welcoming community of gamers. We decided to create this community to allow people to join and make new friends, hang out and ultimately have a laugh!