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Welcome To Nexus Clan We Are The Official Clan Of The Popular Youtuber Riverrain123 He Has 40K Subs On YouTube http://www.youtube.com/riverrain123

For Gaming News,Leaks,Promotions,Fun With Bots And Everything You Want

RED discord server


A fun and interesting server like no other. We strive to be a good and toxic-free server with active channels and voice channels. We are an equal, positive and friendly nature. Perfect for those who are new to Discord!

~This is a Haikyu!! RP Server~ - here we have many channels some for RP and some not and are looking to build our community! We would LOVE to have you!!

A Discord community for males who are looking for new friends, people to talk to, play games and spend time with. We are about 40 people at the moment and are planing some events.

Welcome to Hangout Gang Our server contains a community of Malaysians What's unique with our server is it is bilingual which means we kinda have 2 main(mostly english) Our server have anime, gaming,minigames and more

WELCOME TO THE SERVER OF DARK OFFICIAL. DARK Official is a fun, giveaway and chill community. We host many giveaways related to dank memer and host gaming events. WE also have a public smp (for both cracked and premium players)

UNIX and Unix-like system administrators: BSD / Linux / Etc... - News - Discussions - Conferences - Streams

Bring your A game to this cheeky, fast-paced game where being an a$$h*le is highly encouraged. If you can get rid of all your cards (including tops and bottoms) before your opponents, you collect a shiny butt * token to rub it in.

Hello There, This is Indian non-toxic gaming community. We chat ... We play.... We enjoy. Join us to chit-chat and enjoy.

Our server has a little but primarily focused on chatting but has a little bit of everything!

Willing to get to know new people hang out talk and be friends not spamming or anything please and thank you

An aesthetic (gaming/anime/kpop) server to meet new people~πŸ’ž

We are Tharenity! We are a supportive based Discord server and we support everyone! We absolutely DO NOT tolerate any bullying & we love to promote everyone! We have gaming nights and we love to share the love! Come and join us for a supportive team!

| Team ZNO is now recruiting! | | Created on September the 5th, 2021 | | Over 50 members in discord |