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A chill server to hang out with friends, meet new people who share the same interest as you. If you into K-pop, Asian & Western Films, love reading manga and watching Anime, this is the perfect place for you. Everyone is welcome here!

Welcome to VALENTINO <3

hang out, talk about your favorite animes, game with new friends, and have fun!

Join a RP server where everything changes with the ruling party!

Tymora's Arena - Minecraft is a server where people can get into the competitive scene Bedwars in Minecraft.

:sparkles: SPECIAL :sparkles: Gaming Server/Hangout! All games/Console/PC/Anime!

We do giveaways every week and if you donate you get a better chance of winning, Promote your server and have fun

A Meme Team with a Dream of surpassing every one and becoming the best Server. We post memes, play games, and have giveaways

SolGuardians is a brand new NFTs collection that will be launching soon, exclusively on the solana blockchain!

This is a server for advertising your Discord Servers to other members. Easy, Simple, Direct.

Assassins creed dedicated discord brand new and wanting to do something different than other AC discords

we are a server based on making people happy and adding every idea we see to our server.

Walk the line between law and crime in Rough Justice ‘84, as you run a private security agency in 1980’s America. In this story-based mix of strategy and adventure, you’ll manage every part of running a successful agency.

Very good fortnite team.

A well made semi vanilla survival Minecraft server.