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This is a friendly and active community where you can make new friends, take part in our games nights and chill! We all have one common interest which is Twenty One Pilots (or any music, not just them!) Everybody is welcome!

Revade Rising is an Organization focused on building a community of chill people who love games, anime, and just living life.

Welcome aboard our ship, The Space Atelier! Here you can talk and discuss art with other artists like you! Regardless of whether you love drawing, writing or making music, you're more than welcome to share your art with others here. Feel free to also join

Rocket League Traiding Garage for PC, PS, XBOX Players. Come join us Trade whatever you want. Check prices of RL items and also participate in our GIVEAWAYS!

Adverting cave is a discord server where you can advertise literally ANYTHING!

The safest, coolest free-form server on Discord!

We're a fun little community looking to grow. We love socializing and accept any and everybody! All of us play games across all genres! Hope to see you here.

a simple server for chatting, interacting, music, etc. dank memer is here too. this is so far my first advertised server so I'm sorry if there's a problem in the server. so see you there ;)

Under construction...

A server based on the AskReddit YouTube channel 'Reddit Stories'. We're also a wholesome community of gamers and creatives that like to share cool stuff! Come along and meet some new friends :)

Welcome to Sherb's Corner! We're a gaming community with an emphasis on Animal Crossing! Join us today to meet new friends and have some fun!

join over 13,000 members

Hello! Small Bubbles is a smp semi-vanilla Minecraft server with clans, fun plugins, and packed with secret rewards you can redeem. We currently have over 60+ members in the Discord.

chill server to come hang out and game together, share clips,make friends, and just vibe

We are a small Discord Community with an age of 14-21. We got about 15 Members and want you! We got many bots from NSFW - Meme Bots. We love gaming and would be pretty happy if you like to talk and have fun while playing!