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heyo!~ anime cafe is a great place to meet friends, interact with bots, and grab a drink. we hope you will join and have fun!~

100% inclusive! anybody is welcome. discrimination=immediate ban. neopronouns are a thing :) 6 color roles! 🏳️‍🌈 come hang out with us and make some friends! we accept: DID systems agere you! <3

Here u can join and well accept anything, if ur racist, gay or anything at all. There are no limits. You do you and as long as you don't be rude to another you wont get banned XD

We want you to join our discord server! It's fun I promise. If you join, you will get a free cookie and a free pizza. Not really, but you should still join. We want everyone to join. Join now! https://discord.gg/r8SPvvwwud

After the collapse After the collapse of earth, a few companies decided to put something together in order to save humanity as we know it by integrating tech, synthetics and everything that a human needs into a ginormous ship, at the top of these companie

(18+, not focused on NSFW) Welcome to Hellenes University of Athens, an AU of the SuperGiant game Hades! In this roleplay, you get to write a character from the game in two different universes: the human world as well as the mythological world.

Forbidden is where you can hang out with great guys and have and enjoy your time by playing cool games ... So come on ... CU

Just chill with other people hang and play games.

We are a clan who has a fun hangout server! We are trying to get more people to join our server so we could have more fun! Come over and have some fun!

Budding roblox cafe

A fun server focused on bot development, coding, entertainment, and more. Come join our community!

Frog is a growing non-toxic server for people who want to make new friends, play games & try and help us grow by being active! Everyone is welcome and accepted and we do our best to make everyone feel comfortable and hopefully you enjoy it :)

A chill and growing community for everyone to hang out in. Not really based on anything I guess. Looking for loyal members.

It is a nice server for my youtube channel!! We play minecraft, terraria, and other games!! We have nice bots!!

Syntax Boosting & Coaching is the future in elo services.We are offering the most affordable prices on the market and backing it up with the best quality services.With over 2 years of experience in the boosting and coaching business.

Littles in Wonderland is a primarily SFW server dedicated to those in the CGL/BDSM community. We offer NSFW chats and roles upon age verification, and we hold weekly events. New moderators are needed!