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A gaming discord server join to make new friends :)

A chill server, with a good moderation and lots of music bots for you. Active staffs, with an active owner Dank memer with rob and heist disabled Nice and kind server with a server bot

This server is a nice, always active, friendly community and YOU can be a part of it TODAY! Hope to see you there!

🚀 Find your study flow on the largest global student community on Discord, and regain motivation and focus on your study sessions. 🚀

Hola, bienvenidos al servidor oficial español de ScarFall. Únete y participa en la comunidad más grande y activa del mundo de cualquier juego Battle Royale hasta la fecha.

Attack on Titan centric rping with romance, action, angst, and more. Come create epic stories with us and make new friends! Bring your OCs and crossovers, too! | Semi-lit. | NA EST/UK time zones | Active everyday | LGBTQIA+ friendly

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The Best Discord Server to Watch Boxing Matches and Fights for Free!

Under construction...

🤩 Naujas, bet sparčiai augantis ir aktyvus serveris. 🤩

This is a small Spain server in discord. Roblox is where you will play on gameplay. Movie nights are here too, with job aplications. If you want something to get off your mind come here!

A group of people getting together, gaming, shitposting, sharing their opinions and a bunch of laughs with one another. Come on in and have fun and start a taco stand!

Casual gaming and chatting community for ages 18+. We like to play CSGO, League, Rocket league, escape from tarkov, Warzone, Siege etc. We have chats music, sports, game sales and update links, and many more!

Join us for all kinds of dumbfuckery, badassery, and pure vibes.

:beach: | Chill Corner is a community server where you can make brand new friends and learn new things! Every week, a new event is posted with amazing giveaways to win cool prizes! We are a very friendly & loving community.

hi, this is a very new server that HOPEFULLY will grow into a loving community. as it grows you can find your special other, or just friends! either to talk with or to game with :)