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Hi there, welcome! This server is all about Animal Crossing and gaming! This server is based on my YouTube channel but more importantly it’s a fun and safe community where we hangout and talk about the games we’re passionate about.

Small anime and gaming community! Come join and have some fun meeting chill people with similar interests

server with many game bot like pokecord, pokeverse, virtual fisher, idle miner, idlrpg etc and adding more

Looking for a place to talk about VAULT coin and project, making money with crypto, Bitcoin and altcoin investing, masternode cryptocurrency rewards, and shared masternodes hosting? πŸš€ Crypto giveaways! πŸš€ Crypto tip, rain, airdrop bot! πŸš€ Join now!

Enjoy playing Yu-Gi-Oh? Looking to make some friends? You've come to the right place! Here we offer a lot of variety for every duelist. Join us today to add a little extra fun to your day!

Welcome ladies and gentleman, one and all to NASCAR Talk America. This is a rather new server to talk about the latest NASCAR News.

a server where you can play games. chat and make friends :)

We are a group that used to be based in Iron Man Simulator but now we're moving away from that and playing many different games We're a non-hardcore military group that's more just for fun Ranks are earned by showing up to events We're based in ROBLOX

Just a gameing place to chat and that we talk about roblox, minecraft, among us and more!

Come hang out with the "cool kids"...the chillest community to exist in the N, E, S and W.... we share, the same amount of humor and have multiple types of people in the community to connect and talk with...

NFT trading and collection reinvented

We sell hacks for many games at a cheap price, additionally we provide any game you can think of for a discounted price (PC Download)

Welcome to the Safe Haven! Here's what we have to offer : -Gaming groups (Including Dead by daylight, Minecraft, Battlefront, Call of duty) - Multi-fandom (Starwars, Marvel, etc) - Daily active members -Tons of roles, new emojis every day

Looking for a cool server! Well look no further! Text clothing is a really cool server with bots, nice channels, roles and more We're also boosted. Why wouldn't you join?

an awesome place for people that love everyday carry items , high-tech items and, the hottest new fashion!

:we've got: ~ a place to chill and chat ~ plenty of bots to mess with. ~ memes ~ a place to show off your artwork ~ and future comics and skits