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This server is for Danganronpa Rpโ€™s! There will be motives, class trials, and more by your headmaster Monokuma! We hope you enjoy your Killing School Trip!

Ebits - A x22i - Algo pow/pos/mns, Blockchain built to be Asic and Quantum Resistant. Ebits Info Max Supply: 27m Masternode: 10k Pow/Pos Hybrid Block time 2-3 mins Retargeting time 15 mins Reward division Stake 30% / 70% MN Miner 30%/70% DAO

A community for the popular Roblox game Islands! Now this isn't just for Islands as we are planning on adding more channels for different Roblox games like MM2, Bubble Gum Simulator, Brookhaven and more! We do small giveaways every 100 members, medium gi

A simple accounts Generator,with NO invites :3!

Small youtuberโ€™s server. Chill hang out and safe space.

Crossout Italia รจ un server discord dedicato al famoso gioco mmo d'azione post-apocalittico crossout

Trippy zone is a new server where you can talk to other people, play with the bots and listen to music with the music bot. since it is a new server there isnt much at the moment but the server will grow and more things will be added each day.

A welcoming community where every user gets benefits for just being there whether it be our community driven giveaways, gaming events there's always something to look forward to! - Join to find out more!

This is were you can stay and hang out I will post videos and if you are a youtuber I will make a certain section for you to post your videos. If you ware a streamer you will get the same treatment as a youtuber you can host event on my server as well.

Yup, it's a cult. Most members are anime fans, especially Durarara fans, but anybody's welcome. If you like to troll, stop on by, I do too. Just don't troll stupidly. No strict rules, we're here to chill and do sacrifices.

Hallo dies ist ein kleiner neuer Bloons TD 6 Discord server

A new lgbtq friendly Gaming server!

Searching for a discord where you can share your love for Star Wars? This is the place to be!