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A growing discord server. There are 200 emotes and 240 self-assignable roles, so that you can fully express yourself. Main focuses include general chatting, roleplay, games, memes, anime and some more. We truly hope you enjoy.

Welcoming new members now!

Minecraft Java and bedrock Minigames/SMP Server.

Welcome to Real Life Trading UK Discord server. Please check out https://reallifetrading.co.uk In the server we offer: alerts, analysis, events, and human interactions. No shitcoin, no self-promotion. We aim to become a high quality server about trading.

Artists with Issues is a support group for artists who have been diagnosed or experienced (and currently experiencing) mental disabilities. You are not required to prove diagnosis to join as the group is not meant to pry.

Associated with the Techn04 Twitch channel. It is a SFW family server with support for content creators, giveaways and Minecraft content. We have a levelling system and helpful staff as well!

In this discord server you can find players to play bedwars, survival or any other game mode. This server is both for cracked and non cracked clients.

gamer discord to help people

Really welcoming server, super fun, always active. It's a new server so not many people but it is still super entertaining! We would love you to join us!

MHS discord server


A server of everyrhing

Discord server where u can talk about many topics and have fun in voice chats

Come and hang out with me and meet new people. We welcome all gamers with open arms!

fun and free nitro and stuff

Cum here for some cowboy fun.

Chill and relaxed server, just for talking and making new friends :)