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Join us! we try to host daily, hold raffles for games and giftcards. Join us, we have a place for all ages, mature and NSFW.

Hier treffen sich Gamer, um Escape From Tarkov und andere Spiele miteinander zu spielen oder auch um ein wenig zu plaudern.

We host competitions with roles and money as payout. We do a little trolling and also talk about rats and potatoes.

Friendly/ChatRP/Furry/Weebs/Community/New/Remade/Everyone can come

This is Roblox Adopt Me Server, we do lots of Giveaways, Updates and Leaks! Striker180x

Otaku meeting place.

Our server where we share and give away hacks for MooMoo.io!

This is an amazing discord server that does giveaways, events, partnerships and much more! S0rRy f0R n0Th1Ng is a music and Dank Memer related server.

We are an active large in size, small family! Community server that cares about each individual! New people are welcome! We have many channels and fun things to do, including giveaways! Join our virtual family now <3

+ Minecraft Server + Gaming + Stream Links + Anime + Weebs

We are a transgender community looking to give others a place to call home and connect with others that share interests and experiences. We have a number of channels to chat in and even bot channels for entertainment.

Do you like Among Us, and are you looking for a nice server with fellow fans? Join now! A nice, small community of Among Us fanatics!

TSM discord server


Hello! You may want to join in this server. There can be topics like games, animes, etc. There is also an nsfw channel where you can send any nsfw or 18+ content like hentai. Please read the long description.😁

Lemon & Mint is a community aesthetic server with a lots of emotes, new people to meet with, and to make friends. We even have fun channels like QOTD, fact, counting, events!

A server with a goal of being safe for trans people to date (dating not required). Leftists (e.g. anarchists) only, trans people only, and 18+ only.

We are the Reaper Empire. Here you can talk about anime, games and even hentai. Bring your friends, join the server and enjoy!