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This is a server where you can talk about open world games (for the moment only 'skyrim', 'assassin's creed odyssey' and 'GTA online V'). you can make new friends to play together with in online games. You can join calls together...

We are a fun community with fandoms and we have an aesthetic layout! The server is NON TOXIC! And we allow venting :) we have good moderation, and a fun loving community

i made this for people to make friends

we post cheats for games, spoofers such as fortnite valorant cod gta fivem apex rust rainbow

A kingdom based minecraft smp with kings. Build a great kingdom with other players while roleplaying. Great community with a big timezone variety. Join today and have fun for the rest of your life.

Military Community

This is Cortana's Server [+18]! We are a multipurpose nsfw server prepared to serve submissives, help/hire creators, & host a wonderful community. Join today!

Hello, want to be a part of a chill and relax community then you came to the right place! Come and watch us grow!

A server where you can talk about gaming and other stuff! ๐ŸŽฎ

The first real rewards server.

Finding a chill community to __slack off, relax and hang out in__? If you are, **The Hydeout is the place to be!**

- peaceful - be yo self - memes - 16+ - verification needed for 18+

Young royals discord server with a nice and chill climate where you can rant and talk about young royals