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This is a server where you can chat and discuss about your strategy in Free Fire.The server is managed by our team and we warm heartly invite you to join us.Because games are better with friends.So what are you waiting for? Hop-In

Enjoy all your favorite classics in minecraft!

Lord Vader needs you !! Come join the Galactic Empire today !! ✮ Star Wars themed ✮ LGTBQ+ Friendly ✮ Fun members and staff ✮ Various channels ✮ VCs ✮ Emotes ✮ Bots ✮ Social

just a good place to relax chill and talk to people also looking for mods

Haven is a gaming community that primarily focuses on competitive esports titles, but now looking at more casual gamers to form a good community. We are looking for active members who are mature with a mic and looking for organized group play with others

This is just a hangout server, you don´t necessarily need to be a simp to get in lmao. Lots of voice channels and you can get suggestions and help for certain things, everyone is nice and caring and i bet you'd have loads of fun!

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Community that shares their journey through gaming, content creation and streaming. Always a positive no drama community supporting others in their gaming lives across all platforms!

ZeroNetwork is a german discord server for Minecraft and other games :D

LGB discord server


A LGB community where members can freely talk without censorship.

Welcome to this action packed server

This server is for FIFA 21 Ultimate team players! Here we can play together, help eachother do objectives,talk and see the updates!

This is a RWBY roleplay server with its one story but still has some of the same characters from the show.

Sylveon's Server Brand new server featuring a free 24/7 Gen 7 trade bot, giveaways, games, and more. Gen 8 bot coming soon.

this server is just a bunch of bored weirdo's talkin with each other lmao barely rules wich means that nsfw is allowed >:)

Math In Graphics is a server about graphical interpretations of mathematical objects such as fractals, cellular automata and related things.