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Trying to grow a gaming/social Discord Server. Looking for friendly people who just love to talk about anything and everything games or just have people to talk to all hours of the day.

Looking for a cool server! Well look no further! Text clothing is a really cool server with bots, nice channels, roles and more We're also boosted. Why wouldn't you join?

A new server where you can find new friends and chill! little rules. Just chill and fun. please be patient! this is our first server and were adding more things everyday!- Owner(s)

This is a role play and hang out section! Join us, roleplay, make friends, and talk with the mods + admins! Please invite your friends! Roleplay channel closed down till finished.

Welcome Aboard the Flying Dutchman A new server filled with my crew with high roles available for interview now! Ye wont regret - Davy Jones

This is a server that you can promote/advertise in. There are of course also fun channels, such as memes, pets and more.

This server is for all things gaming and anime. This is a judgement free zone for people of all backgrounds!

Welcome everyone, are you searching for a nice, fresh gaming server? Then you're totally right here! Choose your platform and what games you play and start gaming! Level 1 Boost + without @ everyone pings. There are no limits.... come in today!

Neon Advertising® is a place where server owners can come and advertise their servers for FREE! We have lots of chats for members to interact and special roles/rewards for members who reach a certain rank. Come stop on bye and stay a while! See you soon.

Memes Advertised

PantA comes from a greek word that means "anything." Here in the server, we do not only settle with one topic but with various kinds that are represented by clubs!

We are a chill server where everyone can relax, play games, send and see memes, meet new people, listen to music and chat about whatever.

Theres is alot of things to do in Smerof including fun bots to use like dank memer and minecord which you can get weekly boosts from weekly giveaways. There is a self promotion channel where you can promote your discord server and other socials. If you ha

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