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We're looking for new members to join our server. - Small but growing community - Friends - Gaming - Vibing - Music - Fun - Movie nights - Inclusive and open to all If any of this interests you, please consider joining!!

Crypto Capys are Generative NFTs on the Solana Blockchain representing the cutest South American symbol - Capybara! The project aims to support wildlife preservantion, accessible education and crypto adoption. Discover 10,000 Cute Collectible Capybaras!

First of all, a warm welcome to all of you on the server, where of course there is no hentai ...... *Automated NSFW Content, Channels, Memes and More

Hier treffen sich Gamer, um Escape From Tarkov und andere Spiele miteinander zu spielen oder auch um ein wenig zu plaudern.

~ Tumultuous Tavern ~ A chill, friendly server with about 490 members, 100+ emotes, Semi-active community, fun bots, and an average of 1000 messages per day.

KNN is an 18+ NSFW discord server that has: - NSFW Subreddit autposter - NSFW Content Creator Support - Kink-Friendly! - Discord Games! - LGBTQ+ Chats! - Customizable server experience! And much more!

Hi! Welcome to Chi's Cove! A family friendly server with nice staff!

Gamers, content creators, and artist. (THG) has many channels for people to kick back and enjoy themselves!

We are a Pokémon Go server that just wants to provide a place for everyone to connect and enjoy themselves. Come and hang out, get to know others with similar interests & most importantly..have fun.

Kakashi's Fan Server is a server where you can chat with new people about your favorite topics, like gaming and anime and make new friend and have fun with them! So come and join us if you like talking with nice people.

Apex é um servidor de gente fofa :3. Jogamos junto, assistimos filmes, séries, desenhos, animes; e temos um chat sem regras pra quem quiser. Um server brasileiro criado por amigos

The largest server dedicated to Billie Eilish on discord, run by fans, made for fans

Join our official Magicians ✨Discord Server for anyone who just want to make new friends and have fun 😁✌ We here are ready to play games and more! Let's have fun and make this server grow! Share it to everyone!

Welcome to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Discord Community. Discuss the DOAWK universe or just hang out and make friends. Its up to you

We're honestly just a group of friends and we hang out often in chat and VC. We love to meet new people and get to know them better, and hopefully be nice friends with them. Mostly weebs and degens. We'd love to see you in the server :)