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If you're looking for a best discord server to hangout with friends, play discord games and stream online. Then The ROYALE is the best server for making friends, playing games. This server has many gaming bots e.g -Dank memer, Pokemeow, casino etc.

OwO Trade Server Ama TÜRKÇE

An RPG gaming NFT ecosystem where people can play to earn as well as have fun in game!

A community, gaming, and advertising server!

a small lgbtqia+, teen-based sfw server !!

If you like Gaming // MEMES // AND MAKING NEW FRIENDS!! Make Sure To Join My Server!! You Won't Regret One Single Bit Of It!!! Join Today And Make Some Friends!! We are also accepting staff applications at the moment so hurry and join to apply!! (:

The official server for EndeavourGameOn's Twitch channel!

اهلا بيك في السيرفير بتاعنا الرولز مش زي بعض السيرفرات التانية اللي مباح فيها كل حاجة ومع كده بتموت. بالنسبة للميمبرز ، فمع أننا في الأساس سيرفر مصري إلا إن إحنا بنرحب بأي حد تاني غير المصريين مادام الراجل محترم ينشال على الراس،

Hello! Welcome to Sesh Inn (session) we are a community driven gaming server that promotes mental health and we support stoners! Please come join and hang out with us in voice or text chat. We'll see you there!

In our server you can participate in our pump or also in our free signals!

GROM Prey Day Survival PreyStars Kabix Clan motto: Legends Never Die PreyDay Survival PreyStars https://www.youtube.com/c/Kabix https://discordapp.com/invite/WMufTEE Dołącz do nas 👊 Prey Day Survival Grom Clan

Community, Social, Chill, Teen, SFW Safe place for teens to find friends, chat and have fun. We are an accepting community no matter your sexuality, gender, race, etc. Give it a go and join the nest today <3

welcome to my server. this is a community of friends who play valorant, minecraft, roblox, etc! we love to vc often and watch movies or do karaoke. in here, you can find people of all ages and interests. we have our own mc smp!

we're a server for people 13-19, and don't tolerate discrimination we're chill with lgbtq+, feminism, blm, pal, mental health, etc come vibe with us :3

Aelios is a pokemon-like discord RPG bot that puts players into a world of elemental creatures for them to find, catch, level up, fight, trade, and more! Uptime: 24/7