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Heya! Wanna meet some people or just vibe? Then this is the place for you! We have a variety of bots to chose from and are always willing to add more! We want to be like a family! Always there for eachother and very accepting!

It's all About Music! From pop to k-pop, everything is here!

A purely gaming focused community.

Chillings is a fun and chill server to be in.

₊˚🌿﹒A safe haven for the girls, gays, and theys ! ﹕₊˚🥝﹒a women operated server . ₊˚🌵﹒LGBTQ+friendly ! ﹕₊˚🍡﹒frequent events and a social group you'll like :) . ₊˚:🎍﹒We'll talk shit about people we don't like

Welcome to my server! I really want to get my server active so I can grow my name. I am known as a super underrated youtube streamer and youtuber. Please join my server and claim your OG Card!!!

Welcome To Server Craft A Minecraft Server Where We Have Fun You Can Self Promo We DIsplay Diffrent Servers and so much other stuff Make Sure To Rock In.

A place to go share, get and talk on Conspiracy Theories with anyone welcome to join as long you follow the Server Rules and Discord's Terms of Service.

We Offer Cheap Prices In ALL LEAGUE OF LEGENDS ITEMS💸 That can be sent via gift🎁. You want new Champions and Skins? But it's too expensive? Join us and get cheaper Skins/Champions ♥ https://sellix.io/NoxusShop

We are a paid server helping College and University Students with their homework, Assignments, cats and exams. We offer services in friends such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Programming, writing, Finance, Accounting among others. Join us today.

The official server for the r/Mudae subreddit, the main idea of the server is to have fun with Mudae and other anime related bots, anyone is welcome to join even though you don't use the subreddit.

rap your favorite kanye song get clout emotes gay sex

A Roblox development group dedicated to making large games. The holder of the Driving Horizons series.

Discord para la comunidad de "Game Over", el primer podcast satírico de videojuegos en español. En antena desde 1999.

Ein sehr cooler Coding und Technik Discord!

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