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So Guys if your looking at this thanks please read till the end. So My server is all about having fun and chat with other people and make friends we also may host tournaments and scrims for various games and YOU can participate

It is a friendly community for blox fruits and king legacy players and also accepts other roblox game players. It is also a one piece group and other anime fans like jojo can come too. We Never BAN anyone and never WILL.!

This server is for Milky way Galaxy Lovers, Developers, Gamers or even Animators. Whoever you are interested in this server is for you

Serwer oparty o ekstraklasę i nie tylko. Posiadamy wiele ról do wyboru, przejrzysty regulamin, mało pingów i częste eventy o przeróżne nagrody. Posadamy wykwalifikowaną administrację. Rozmawiamy nie tylko na tekstowych kanałach ale również na głosowych.

We are looking for ANY and ALL people to join! We are a very new community who are interested in a wide variety that spans from art to gaming!

YO! This is our new server for weebs, we hope you like it!

Chit Chat is moslty, Vietnamese Sever but alaways welcome people from around the world!

Auf dem Server gibt es Nudes ohne Ende

NSFW server 18+ Join the community and view and post nudes!

BrightSkyRP - Semi-Whitelisted FiveM server with 2 LEO departments; 1 Fire Department, and countless other things to do! What are you waiting for? Come check us out!

This is really cool server with many things. Almost everything. All facilities

Chillax and play Minecraft with other gamers just like you!!!! Meet new people, play in private lobbies, and chat in general or ranked chat.

Are you looking for a small server with regular game nights/movie nights, and just want a place to chill, chat, and play games with friends? Then this is the server for you.

In The Saviors we are a friendly community that do what ever as long as its not braking the rules. -We chill and hang. -We do Movie Night. -we drop free accounts and programs. -we also drop crack packs. -we do giveaways.

・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. .   ˚ ✫M͙u͙s͙i͙c͙✫ ˚ ✫A͙c͙c͙o͙u͙n͙t͙s͙ᶠʳᵉᵉ✫ . ·˚ ·✫G͙a͙m͙i͙n͙g͙✫ ˚ . · + ˚ ✭・ * + ˚ . · + ˚ ˚ . · ✫N͙S͙F͙W͙✫ ⋆ . · ⋆ ⍣ ✫F͙o͙o͙t͙b͙a͙l͙l͙✫ 。.・ ⋆ * 。. ・ ⍣ ・。˚ ˚

A server with four simple rules: 1. Think 2. Challenge the world around you 3. Keep an open mind 4. Challenge ideas, not people